Port of Southampton

As one of the country’s busiest and most successful deep-water ports, Southampton is a natural choice for a wide range of customers and trades, with facilities to handle virtually any type of cargo. Its natural deep-water harbour and unique double tide allow unrestricted access for the world’s largest vessels. ABP Southampton provides VTS & pilotage services throughout Southampton Water and much of the Central & Eastern Solent.


We await confirmation from government of how revised social distancing measures will apply to marine leisure activities.
Mariners are advised that the harbour remains open.  Before proceeding afloat, users must ensure that they can access their craft safely and in accordance with all government regulations including those relating to social distancing.
Before putting to sea, particularly after a period of prolonged inactivity, individuals should ensure their craft has been properly maintained and prepared.  Covid-19 continues to impact all aspects of life including search and rescue services, many of which are manned by volunteers.  Mariners are requested to consider the impact that their waterborne activities may have on such services, to have due regard to the prevailing weather conditions and to bear in mind that many marine leisure facilities in the area may not be available or may be operating at a reduced capacity.
We have been working closely with cruise lines to support them during these unprecedented times and their periods of operational pause.
We have continued to welcome a number of cruise ships back to the port remaining as flexible as we can and adapting to their ongoing operational needs while alongside. While the situation is changing daily, we are working hard to ensure that we can manage the berthing arrangements for these cruise vessels and other trade entering and leaving the port which sometimes involves rotating ships and their position in the port.
The Port of Southampton remains open to ensure we can play our critical part in keeping Britain trading.