Port of Southampton

As one of the country’s busiest and most successful deep-water ports, Southampton is a natural choice for a wide range of customers and trades, with facilities to handle virtually any type of cargo. Its natural deep-water harbour and unique double tide allow unrestricted access for the world’s largest vessels. ABP Southampton provides VTS & pilotage services throughout Southampton Water and much of the Central & Eastern Solent.

Personal Water Craft – Operation Wavebreaker

In recent months there has been a significant increase in reports of unsafe and anti-social behaviour in the port and surrounding waters, specifically involving personal water craft such as jet skis.  In response, in order to reduce the negative impact on other port users and our neighbours, ABP has increased the frequency and number of patrols in the harbour area with a specific focus on personal watercraft. 
ABP are also working with the Hampshire Constabulary Marine Support Unit, who have launched “Operation Wavebreaker” to address these concerns in cooperation with Harbour Authorities across the Solent. The objective of the operation is to educate those acting in an unsafe or anti-social manner and, where necessary, enforce local byelaws to alter current behaviours and to ensure that the port, Southampton Water and the Solent are an environment that all users can enjoy safely.
Police Constable Mark Arnold from the Hampshire Marine Support Unit said: Operation Wavebreaker is a county-wide initiative to target anti-social behaviour on the waters of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Working with our partners and the community we aim to tackle any issues involving all types of watercraft to ensure the marine community stay safe and abide by the laws on the water. The initiative will need help from the community, and we encourage any anti-social behaviour to be reported to the Police by calling 101.
The Yachting and Leisure pages of this site contain all the information users need to enjoy the waters of the Port and Solent in a safe and considerate manner including speed limits, measures to ensure safe separation between commercial and leisure traffic and regulations on navigating in proximity to the shoreline.  ABP Southampton will be working closely with the Marine Support Unit and neighbouring Harbour Authorities to address all types of unsafe anti-social behaviour and to enforce the Port’s byelaws breaches of which may, where appropriate, be prosecuted.
We encourage all those who venture afloat to do so safely and with consideration for others, to ensure a safer and more enjoyable environment.  Any reports of anti-social behaviour on the water should be made to the Police Marine Support Unit by calling 101 and through their online reporting system that can be found here.