Port Users Information & Navigation Guidelines (PUNG)

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The following Guidelines have been established and agreed between the Harbour Master Southampton, ABP Pilots and members of Southampton Port Marine Users Group. These Guidelines will be reviewed and reissued as required.

The information contained in this booklet is intended to bring to your attention the requirements necessary for the Harbour Master to safely regulate traffic movements by commercial vessels in the Solent, Southampton Water and Rivers Itchen and Test, and to comply with local rules and national legislation.

Section 52 of the Harbours, Docks and Piers Clauses Act 1847 is incorporated within the British Transport Docks Act 1969 which sets out the powers of a Harbour Master who may give direction for the following purposes:

a) For regulating the time at which and the manner in which any vessel shall enter into, go out of, or lie in or at the Harbour Dock or Pier, and within the prescribed limits, if any, and its position, mooring or unmooring, placing and removing whilst therein.

b) For removing unserviceable vessels or other obstructions from the Harbour, Dock, Pier and keeping the same clear.