Notice of Entry of Dangerous Substances from an Inland source entering the Harbour Area

The Harbour Master requests the following information. If the substance is to be brought to a berth, the berth operator must submit in writing advance Notification of Entry of all Dangerous Substances from an inland source.

The advance notice of entry of dangerous substances must contain the following information from the operator (all models of transport) and must be received at least 24 hours prior to the dangerous substances entering the Harbour Area. Consideration may be given for a lesser time period; however, it should be reasonable. A zero time factor will not be acceptable and would be ULTRA VIRES to the DSHA Regulations.

a) Dangerous Substances (for loading)

  • Correct technical name of dangerous substance

  • UN number

  • Quantity or weight of each substance

  • Classification

  • Name of loading vessel and berth number (if known)

b) In the case of explosives (for loading) for Direct Shipment


  • UN number

  • Class

  • Compatibility Group

  • Not explosive content

  • Name of loading vessel

  • Date/time of loading

In the majority of cases it is anticipated that the ship’s Masters will provide the notice of entry of dangerous substances arriving by sea, which is included in section 13.1 above.