ETA's and ETD's

Port Directions - Schedule 4

4.1 Estimated time of arrival (ETA) at pilot boarding point

Vessels bound into the ABP Southampton CHA Pilotage area requiring the services of a pilot shall give Southampton VTS (Vessel Traffic Services) 12 hours advance notification, including the estimated time of arrival, maximum draught anddestination within the pilotage area, and state where a pilot is required. (Schedule2.2 refers). Telex facilities are available for transmission of ETA information to Southampton VTS,

TELEX NUMBER 477161 call back sign DHMSPR,

FAX No: +44 (0) 23 8023 2991 or, telephone VTS Centre +44 (0)23 80.33 9733

A further estimated time of arrival shall be sent direct by VHF R/T channel 9 (call sign SOUTHAMPTON PILOTS) no later than 3 hours before arrival at the pilot boarding point, and VHF R/T contact maintained if it is necessary to vary the ETA.

Vessels requiring a pilot for Portsmouth, Cowes or Langstone Harbour should contact the appropriate Competent Harbour Authority as set out in their respective Pilotage Directions.

NOTE: It is recommended that if voluntary / optional pilotage is required by vessels in a non-compulsory area, advance notification of 24 hours is desirable to ensure that a pilot will be available on arrival at the appropriate pilot boarding point.

4.2 Estimated time of departure (ETD) or vessels moving within the district

Outgoing vessels or vessels moving within the ABP Southampton Pilotage area whichrequire the services of a pilot shall give Southampton Pilots at least 3 hours notice of their estimated time of departure (ETD).

NOTE: If pilotage is required to extend beyond the compulsory pilotage limit in the East Solent, 12 hours notice is desirable to ensure that suitable facilities can be provided.

4.3 Boarding and landing of pilots in adverse weather conditions

Pilot boats will only put to sea when their services are required.

Masters should ensure that they receive confirmation that their pilot is en route to them before approaching the boarding place in adverse weather.

It is essential that advance notice of the need for the services of a pilot is given.

4.4 Failure to comply with ETA / ETD requirements

Vessels failing to provide an ETA or ETD, in the required format, may be delayed in the event of a pilot not being available.

In the case of vessels, which have given an ETA / ETD and where a pilot has boarded, if a subsequent delay is caused by the vessel beyond 30 minutes, other than for navigational and weather considerations, an ETA / ETD detention surcharge may be applied to the cost of pilotage for that vessel, (for details see pilotage rates).