Vessel Traffic Services (VTS)

Southampton VTS is responsible for the safe and efficent management of vessels, vessel traffic, environmental protection and safety of navigation across the Southampton VTS area.

Contact us:
Tel: 02380 608 208


Applications and Permissions

Relevent forms must be completed and submitted for all ad-hoc or regulated activities within the port. Please contact Port Planning with any queries

Vessel Planning

Our dedicated Port Planning team are available during office hours to assist with queries. This planning team will typically deal with vessels due to arrive or depart in more than 24 hours. Vessel notifications should be submitted via ABP Notify

Project Cargo 

Project Cargo is for any a-typical operations or vessels coming to the Port of Southampton. These are vessels or projects without existing agreements with ABP Sotuhampton.

Vessel Traffic Services

Vessel traffic services will plan and monitor vessel movements occurring within the next 24 hours.

VTS Operations Room